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Welcome To Encartele

We are committed to developing and reimagining solutions that connect people in new ways and emphasize the importance of engagement. Our family of services is designed to change how connectivity is conceptualized.    

About Encartele

Founded in 2004, Encartele is a technology organization headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska that currently serves jails across the United States. Encartele’s proprietary system and software, Cidnet, was developed as a solution to previously manual systems and processes that created inefficiencies in jail operations. At Encartele, we aim to address the daily stresses and strains of working in the correctional space through lasting partnerships and practical tools, allowing personnel to focus on what they do best: maintaining safety and security. While we’re constantly looking for new ways to make corrections officers’ lives easier, we’re also committed to providing inmates a uniquely affordable means of connecting with their approved contacts on the outside.

Corrections Connectivity Suite

Cidnet streamlines a jail’s operations and delivers affordable means of keeping people connected to those incarcerated. 

Make Sense of the Air You Breathe

CidSense is dedicated to creating healthier spaces by monitoring and measuring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Find Your Space

CidSpace was created to create a community for people impacted by corrections to gather and share their experiences in a safe space.

Wireless with Purpose

With Cidnet, Cidmobile is offering a way to defray the cost of incarceration by delivering dependable prepaid wireless services.

Demand Attention with Digital Signage

CidSigns is an easy-to-deploy digital signage solution for any organization in need of a better way of communicating with people.

Mission Statement

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