To Achieve Real Reform the Right Pieces Need to Fall Into Place

And it Starts with Giving Inmates a Voice

The red corner of our logo represents the incarcerated people we serve. Our current correctional system makes it far too easy to fail and far too difficult to succeed. We rarely achieve our recidivism goals, and the rest of the modern world looks at our country with pity. It’s time for a new initiative, one that’s lead and informed by the thoughts and actions of real inmates.

Rehabilitation Requires a Community of Support

Friends and Family are Key to Every Inmate’s Future

The light blue corner of our logo represents the friends and family of the inmates. These are the people who bear the true cost of incarceration. Not only must they endure the emotional hardships of losing their loved one, they fall victim to predatory practices and are economically gouged for typically inexpensive services. Communication rates should be fair.

Corrections Needs Tech that can Elevate Everyone

But Correctional Officers Need that Tech ASAP

The dark blue corner of our logo represents our partners: The agencies, prisons and jails of America. These institutions have long sought to be true centers of rehabilitation and reform, but they’ve often been held back by factors outside of their control. From the rank-and-file officer, to the inmate programs managers, to the administrators and elected officials, these are good people who serve our country every day. They deserve the best tools for the job.

Our Society Must Have Checks and Balances

Organizations and Activists Need to be Heard

The steel blue corner of our logo represents the activist groups who inspire change. These are people who find their purpose fighting on behalf of others, and that’s to be applauded. Because of their proximity to the correctional system, they can offer a fresh perspective that few can match. Companies and policy-makers should be guided by activists, not opposed to them out of reflex.

Together, these Four Groups can Make a Difference

Encartele is Committed to Serving these Groups as they Alter the Nature of American Corrections

Our mission is not about politics; it’s about people. We truly believe that when Inmates, Communities, Corrections, and Activists come together, a better correctional system is inevitable. Encartele is building the next generation of institutional communications today, and we’re ready to make a difference.

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