Feature-Rich Inmate Phone System

The Encartele IceNet inmate phone platform is a feature-rich telecommunications system trusted by jails. As a web-based system, IceNet is accessible from any device connected to the internet. All inmate phone calls are recorded and stored at secure data centers. Investigative tools allow for live monitoring of active calls, playback of recorded calls, and download of individual or groups of inmate phone calls. Watch Number alerts can be created to monitor the calling activity of specific people or phone numbers. The system comes with restriction tools to block phone numbers, limit the number of calls, and control all calling activity for specific inmates.

Features of the Icenet Inmate Phone System

• Web-based software
• Monitor active phone calls
• Lifetime call data storage
• Playback recorded phone calls
• Easy to use interface
• Investigative alerts
• 3-way call detection
• Set call duration restrictions
• Custom reporting
• Emergency telephone shutdown
• Free call capabilities
• Data mining system
• Destination call mapping




Proactive Maintenance and Support

Over the past 10 years, Encartele has provided hundreds of jails with inmate calling services. While our inmate phone system may be feature-rich, what separates Encartele from the competition is service. Practicing a high-level commitment to customer satisfaction is our promise to our customers. Proactive maintenance is a cornerstone of our approach to service. By keeping a consistent line of communication open with our clients, we are able to provide better support when issues arise. Our network of certified technicians are talented, well-trained and proficient at servicing equipment. For an inmate phone provider you can trust, get in touch with Encartele!








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