Content Broadcasting for Better Communication

Encartele’s content broadcasting system allows law enforcement agencies to eliminate paper clutter and communicate relevant information with inmates, visitors and staff through digital TVs. The days of covering bulletin boards, windows and walls with endless piles of paper documents are long gone. In addition to saving money on printing, agencies will become more compliant with jail standards and PREA. Larger agencies can greatly benefit from content broadcasting by dedicating TVs to share information exclusively with staff. Jail administrators can use content broadcasting to share information on shift change updates, and rely on more than just email to communicate. Commonly shared information through Encartele’s content broadcasting boards includes:

  • Inmate Rules and Facility Policies
  • Visitation Rules and Schedules
  • PREA Disclaimers
  • Commissary Items
  • Bail Bonds Information
  • Inmate Program Resources
  • Rehabilitative Content


content broadcasting

Web-Based Design Studio

The web-based design studio allows correctional staff to upload and manage content displayed throughout the facility with ease. Edit and change information shown on different TVs with a click of the mouse. Additionally, Encartele offers content management services where our team will professionally design your content! Simply send us the documents and information you want displayed, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Content Broadcasting Player

The content broadcasting player is a plug and play device that is easy to install. For agencies that are limited on space or have their own TVs, simply purchase the player to transform any TV into a content broadcasting display. The player requires power and either an Ethernet or Wi-Fi internet connection to operate. To learn more about content broadcasting contact Encartele!

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