Cidnet Technology Platform

Encartele’s Cidnet Technology Platform is designed to support jails and correctional facilities. Loaded with a suite of applications, Cidnet offers one system to control all inmate activity and communications like never before. Inmates interact with CiD Devices installed in housing areas while correctional staff monitor all activity through the web-based platform. Staff also have complete control of application availability for each individual inmate and device. Applications offered through the Encartele’s Cidnet Platform include:

  • Video Visitation
  • Video Arraignment
  • Content Broadcasting
  • Commissary Integration
  • Store
  • Forms
  • Web Pages
  • Messaging
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Dynamic Software Built for Corrections

As an entirely web-based system, correctional staff can access the Cidnet Platform from any device. The interface was designed for ease of use, ensuring a quick and seamless process to get up and running. Overseeing the daily activities of jails, prisons, juvenile facilities and all other correctional agencies is made simple with the Cidnet Technology Platform.

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