Our Plan to Reduce Recidivism

Mental Health & the American Jail

Our Plan to Reduce Recidivism

At the time of this writing, 45% of former prisoners are arrested within one year of release. We think that rate is unacceptably high.

Our plan is pretty simple: Through technical excellence, correctional innovation, and an honest dedication to serving others, we believe we can reduce and eventually eliminate recidivism.

Technical Excellence

Technical Excellence means that our products just work. When there’s an outage or error, everyone suffers. That’s why we work hard to minimize those issues.

Correctional Innovation

Correctional Innovation means that we are pushing the correctional industry to do more than just lock people up. We want to return the power of choice back to the incarcerated.

If every inmate in jail had access to better choices and options, a certain percentage would choose to better themselves. We believe the power of choice can raise people out of trauma and affliction. Our technology is designed to deliver those choices directly to inmates.

Honest Dedication

An Honest Dedication to serving others is why we wake up in the morning. We believe the highest calling in life comes from serving others. This purpose propels us to offer the best customer service and technical support possible.

We believe truly beneficial change can only occur when law enforcement, inmates, friends & family members, and activists work together to achieve it. Our plan may be the right course of action, but we can’t do it alone.