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Transforming the Corrections Industry from the Inside

At Encartele, it is our mission to develop and deliver solutions for correctional agencies. Our commitment to providing innovative technologies to make jails and prisons safer and more intelligent is why we are in business.

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How We Planto Make a Difference

Our ten years of experience in the corrections industry have taught us the value of simplicity. Jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities have multiple moving parts, working together to maintain a secure environment. By creating technologies that are simple to understand and practical to use, we provide immense value in terms of communication and operational efficiency.

The overcrowded infrastructure of the correctional system is in need of innovative technology, now more than ever. At Encartele, we are committed to creating new solutions that challenge the status quo and empower the people who operate prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities. Our application of knowledge, coupled with passionate people and strong relationships, is our recipe for success.

At Encartele, we are big proponents of leveraging technologies that positively influence the lives of inmates. Our impact on recidivism comes by providing reliable communication systems between inmates and their families, coupled with access to educational resources during incarceration. We place tremendous value on the rehabilitation process to better prepare people for success and happiness upon entering new communities.

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What Encartele Clients Have to Say

It's More Than Business. It is a Partnership.

Encartele offers some of the best technology, and are always great about servicing our equipment. We’ve been a client of theirs for many years and have a great relationship with their people.

Cass County

Cass County

Plattsmouth, Nebraska

Our experience with Encartele has been good. Their phone system works well and they’re always filling our jail with technology that makes us more efficient.

Marshall County

Marshall County

Marshalltown, Iowa

What we like about Encartele is how honest they are when it comes to commissions. Their systems are great and the people are friendly.

Blair County

Blair County

Hollidaysburg, Pennslyvania

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