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La Vista, NE – May 11, 2018

54 percent of Encartele’s friends and family customers use an Android device to access their accounts, and now they can do so through CIDNET’s Google Play Store app.

“When customers use the Android app, we can guarantee a fully-functional video visitation experience,” app developer Chris Petree says. “But if they try to access CIDNET through the Chrome browser on their phone, we can’t ensure the same level of quality.”

The CIDNET app boasts many improvements over the traditional phone-browser experience. For one thing, there’s no need to keep track of open tabs or remember account login information. It’s a much more streamlined user experience. In addition, the official CIDNET app has controls and input fields that have been optimized for Android users.

There’s also the added benefit of notifications. Previously, the only notifications available to CIDNET customers were delivered to the user’s email. Now, whenever a new message is received or a video visitation is approved, the customer can get a notification sent straight to their phone.

“Anything customers currently do through our website can now be done through our app. It’s completely compatible,” Petree says.

Plans for an Apple IOS version of this app are also in the works, even though IOS users make up a significantly smaller portion of CIDNET’s customer base as compared to Android users. Encartele predicts that the IOS app will be ready for release at the end of next quarter.

More about CIDNET

Currently, the CIDNET platform supports only the Chrome Browser on modern laptop and desktop PCs. The CIDNET app requires Android 4.1 or higher, and works best using Wi-Fi.

More about Encartele Inc

Encartele is an inmate telephone company and telecommunications equipment supplier based in La Vista, Nebraska. Their mission is to develop and deliver innovative technical solutions to correctional agencies. Encartele’s many years of experience in this industry provides them with a unique perspective into the needs of correctional facilities – especially when it comes to the untapped efficiencies therein.