Video Visitation to Save Time & Money

The Encartele Visitation platform powered by Cidnet gives correctional facilities a reliable video visitation solution. Agencies can use video technology to for the onsite visitation process and offer offsite communications between inmates and their loved ones from home. This technology minimizes the risks associated with transporting inmates. This gives families a more convenient way to keep in touch. Using video also eliminates the chance for contraband to be smuggled into the jail. This keeps the jail environment safe and secure for both inmates and staff.

Inside the Cidnet Administration Portal, staff can create customized visitation schedules. The scheduling of onsite and offsite video visitation sessions is done by the inmate’s friend or family members when they create a Cidnet customer account. Once their account has been created, the friend or family member will request to link with an inmate. Staff must either approve or decline this request to link before any video visitation sessions can take place. Once linked, the process of scheduling a video visitation session is similar to that of booking a flight, where dates and times are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. This completely automates the scheduling process for jail staff, saving both staff time and money.

Video Visitation with the CiD Device

video visitation

All visitation and arraignment sessions are conducted by inmates through Encartele’s CiD device. Designed for jails, the CiD Device has an easy to use, 7 inch touch screen. The smaller footprint allows for more private communications. The system is cloud based, meaning no on-site server is needed with data available from anywhere.

• 7” Capacitive Touch Screen
• 25” Handset
• 1080p Mega-pixel Camera (fixed)
• T25 Torkbit Security Screws
• PoE Powered – No Electrical Needed
• Averages a 99.2% Up Time



Live Monitor Video Visitation

Correctional staff can watch and terminate active video visitation sessions through the web based Cidnet Administrative Portal. All video visitation sessions are recorded, allowing staff to watch completed sessions. Users also have the option to download an mp4 video file of any completed video visitation. For investigative purposes, staff can search for individual inmates, view all past communications, and set alerts to notify personnel when any video visitation sessions have been scheduled or are taking place.

video visitation

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