Inmate Phone Services

Our Technology
Our technology is based upon a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) model that utilizes multiple data/switching centers and networks for processing and routing telephone calls.This model provides a virtual centralized solution that fills the need for higher level system redundancy coupled with secure data management and access.

Our data and switching systems are located in highly secure and environmentally safe data centers with direct fiber network connections to our network.

All system management is performed via our internet based web portal and access is available anywhere there is an internet connection.

Our switching centers work in concert with one another to provide a more reliable phone system with the ability for authorized personnel, including affiliated government agencies such as the US Marshall Service, FBI, ATF etc, to access the inmate telephone system from anywhere.

The system allows you to retrieve call detail records, restrict/allow numbers and monitor live calls from any PC with an internet connection.


Our Network

Encartele provides its correctional telephone service via its own private VoIP network.

This method of delivering our services greatly increases our network availability and reliability.

Encartele currently has switching centers in Dallas, Texas and Omaha, Nebraska that are designed to provide continuous service even if part of the infrastructure goes down.

This is achieved through intelligent routing between our gateway equipment and switching centers.

All gateways are programmed to watch both switching centers when processing calls. In the event that a particular switching center is not available, the gateway will automatically redirect to the other switching center.

The graphic to the left provides a simplified layout of our network.


System Features

  • 3-way call detection
  • Integrated voice recording
  • Live monitoring
  • Call duration timing
  • Programmable speed dialing
  • Multiple language support
  • Flexible telephone service scheduling
  • Call limits by usage and frequency
  • Free call capabilities
  • Tiered security access control
  • Call restriction tables
  • Call allow tables
  • Blended debit/collect calling
  • Calling card system
  • Prepaid system
  • Personal ID numbers (PINS)
  • Auto PIN integration
  • JMS Integration
  • Web based system management
  • Web based recording playback
  • Web based reporting
  • Web based service system
  • Web based account management
  • Customized reports
  • Visitation Recording and Monitoring


Security and Reliability

All call recordings and reports are securely stored off site and only authorized personnel have access to this sensitive data.Our data centers provide the following innovative security measures to ensure that your data is safe:

  • Multi-layer security control procedures.
  • Biometric palm readers.
  • 24 x 7 closed-circuit video and alarm reporting.
  • Uninterruptible redundant AC and DC power systems.
  • HVAC redundant design with air distribution under raised flooring for maximum temperature control.
  • Smoke detection system above and below raised floor.
  • Double interlock, pre-action, dry pipe fire suppression.


Proactive Service

Encartele prides itself on having extremely reliable telephone equipment and call control systems.Our technicians are regular visitors to our partner facilities to make sure that the systems are properly maintained and fully functional.

Encartele takes the approach that service and maintenance should be proactive rather than reactive.

Scheduled maintenance plans are organized for our partner facilities when they become clients. This ensures that an Encartele technician will be on-site at least once a month to perform a scheduled inspection.

During scheduled maintenance visits, our technicians perform a complete system test as well as inspect and repair, if needed, all telephone instruments.


Web Based Administration

Our Web Portal provides easy access to authorized personnel for running real-time call detail investigations, listening to recordings, blocking or allowing telephone numbers and controlling telephone on/off times.The Portal also employs a user management facility for adding and deleting users.

Within the Portal is also the EnSight Reporting system.

The EnSight Reporting system provides standard call detail reporting and on-line commission statements as well as any custom reports that may be required for any particular facility.

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