Calling Options

Collect Calling

Collect calling is provided to customers who have telephone numbers that can accept, and be billed on their local telephone bill, for collect calls.

Prior to any collect call being connected, the system will perform a series of validation checks to verify Encartele’s ability to bill the call. These checks include but are not limited to:

* Verification that the called number can accept collect calls
* Verification that the servicing local telephone company can provide billing services
* Verification that the telephone number being called is not blocked
* Verification that the telephone number being called has not exceeded any toll billing thresholds

The most typical telephone numbers that fail validation include cellular telephones, telephone numbers with collect call blocks, and telephone numbers where the servicing local telephone company does not provide billing services.

In the event that the telephone number fails the validation checks, the customer will still have the ability of setting up a prepaid account.

Prepaid Accounts
Prepaid accounts are available to all customers. These accounts give customers the ability to control the amount of calling that occurs to a specific telephone number. These accounts are also unique to cellular telephones as well as any other type of telephone that cannot accept, and be billed for, traditional collect calls.

Within the prepaid system, customers can setup an account either online or through our operator center whereby they can then make deposits for calling time. After an approved deposit is processed into an account, Customers can then start receiving calls.

Calling Cards
The prepaid calling card service is an optional service that is made available to our correctional facility partners. Not all of our correctional facility partners participate in the prepaid calling card program.

For those that do, the prepaid calling cards are sold directly to the correctional facility residents through the institutions commissary system. These cards can only be utilized on Encartele’s network and may not be used outside the correctional facility.

Prepaid cards are sold in multiple denominations which are determined by the correctional institution. $5.00 and $10.00 denominations are the most typical.

Residents that purchase prepaid calling cards can place calls to domestic US telephone numbers as well as international telephone numbers.

All telephone numbers that are called through the prepaid calling card system are subject to Encartele’s telephone number screening system which prevents calls being placed to designated blocked numbers.

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